Faced with the familiar challenge of limited time and money,  Fran and Gaby, a charming couple hailing from Mexico, work together to create a life that supports their activist efforts, but will their love be enough to sustain their ideals?

A couple originally hailing from Mexico, Fran and Gabriela are drawn together by their love for each other and a shared belief in revolutionary economic ideas. We find them in a small 1 bedroom apartment in the Bronx - Fran works part-time in retail while Gaby works in labor union activism. This intimate observational portrait follows the couple in their everyday activities, getting to know their world views through earnest dialogue and playful arguments.

They structure their lives to create time for a joint project called, the Diego de la Vega Coffee Collective. Collaborating with friends and family in Mexico, they purchase Zapatista coffee from the southern-most state, Chiapas, mailing it as cheaply as possible to NY. By serving at community events at a “pay what you can” rate they can share their ideas about the Zapatista’s alternative economic systems, pre-columbian indigenous ways of life and anti-capitalist rhetoric. Idealism, their love for each other and sacrifice make-up part of their everyday struggle and together they face the challenges and absurd humors of living within a society that does not represent their ideals. Inspired by the Zapatista’s “utopia”, Fran and Gaby work to create their own, finding the smallest workable unit of a utopia is a system of two. 


Starring / Fran Ilich & Gabriela Ceja

Directors / Stephanie Andreou & Sarah Keeling

Producer / Adrián Gutiérrez

Cinematography / Victoria Catherine Chan & Adrián Gutiérrez



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Fran Ilich - ilich [a]

Gabriela Ceja - gabriela [a]

Stephanie Andreou - stephanie.andreou [a]

Sarah Keeling - sekeeling [a]

Adrián Gutiérrez - adriangtzg [a]


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